A Bio

My Twitter profile will tell you that I am ‘Dedicated to Social Justice, principled anti-capitalist, vehemently opposed to RWNJs, and budding Independent Australia (IA) contributor’.

It is the last point that has brought me to here - budding IA contributor – that is, a citizen journalist - I have a number articles published on IA and they are linked elsewhere.

What I intend (hope) to do here is hi-light and link to my IA articles, as they are published - in that independent publications like IA need all the support they can get (they inspired me by publishing my work) and I would rather send traffic that way when I can.

However I also intend to publish other thoughts here that may not be suitable for IA – note, of course, that IA does not necessarily endorse or agree with everything I say - keep an eye out.

So then, I unashamedly use my bio from Independent Australia – adjusted to reflect a first person narrative.

I am a 61 year old from Brisbane who gained a Bachelor of Social Science as a mature aged student, graduating in 2010.

My areas of interests include History, Politics, and Sociology, society and cultures; where I am particularly concerned with the marginalisation and vilification of minority groups and the manipulation of public opinion, driving the marginalisation through divisive political discourse and a compliant media.

Before attending University I worked at a variety of blue collar jobs, as well as a stint in the Merchant Navy, and have always believed in and supported unionism.

My first taste of activism was when I took to the streets with my father and fellow unionists to protest the sacking of Whitlam, as well as attending many protests and rallies during the Bjelke-Peterson years; I count my participation in the 2007 APEC protest as a highlight of my activist career.

Throughout my life I have been an avid reader, covering many areas, ancient and modern history, the rise and fall of religions societies and empires, as well as many alternate historical views; I believe that justice for Australia’s Indigenous people will not be complete until the history of European Indigenous contact, as told from the Indigenous perspective and experience rather than white victors history, becomes part of all Australians’ understanding of “who we are”.

Passionate about Social Justice, I see a pressing need to restore honesty to the public/political discourse.