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HI FRIENDS – it has been a while since I checked into FB – I see there has been a lot of activity. I apologise for not acknowledging any comments requests and such over the last few months.

As some of you know, I have been contributing articles to the independent news journal – Independent Australia (IA) – for some time now. My most recent article was published last May. What has been keeping me busy since then was learning to use the interface to create this web site.

Though actually I made two web sites – the other, which I did first and using a different format, is a collection of wonderful photos and digital art by a rising artist – check it out.

So then, I am back – sort of – I intend to keep writing for IA, but also I will be posting here other observations and thoughts that I feel are not necessarily a topic or format that I would send to IA.

At the moment my site is a bit bare, but please bear with me – you can read the welcome page – there you will discover a bit more about the reasons behind this site along with links to pages with news feeds from various independent media sources – as well as feeds from the Courier Mail and the Brisbane Times (both my local MSM).

The about page is my bio page while the post page is, of course, where the post previews with links are displayed.

The “My IA Articles” page has taken the most effort so far – it took a bit of time to create – and I am quite pleased with how it looks. There you will find synopsises and links to my fourteen articles published on IA – starting with the oldest at the top for reasons that will become apparent if you visit the page.

The post, “On Independ Media”, is my first “proper” post and I hope you will have a look at it while you are here (I will be sharing it shortly after this one). The “Hello world” post comes pre-installed on the interface I am using – for reasons that I explain, as well as revealing a bit more about myself, in my edited version.

So that is about it I guess – I am back but I will be busy – now I just have to “change hats” and sit down and cogitate – that is wonder – on what to write about next.

Note: the sheep image was sourced through Google images – the source of the lead image is here (I added the FB emojis and thumbs up/down to the image).

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