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I HAVE been a little bit busy since the last post, writing a couple of pieces for Independent Australia – one was published on the 5th of August and the other on the 7th of August.

The ‘Alt-Left’ myth

Like “alternative facts” and “political correctness”, “Alt-Left” is a myth perpetrated by the far right in need of a nemesis, writes John Maycock.



Meat to the bigots: Peter Dutton, Alan Jones and the PC myth

Peter Dutton is determined to entrench a deep rift into our society between those who care and those who hate, writes John Maycock.

Like some of my previous articles it is best to read them in order. In this case it wouldn’t hurt to have read these others as well:

Will Abbott clamp down on Reclaim Australia’s racial hate rallies?
18C: Why bigotry and rudeness break the social contract

So if you have the time take a look – and don’t forget my previous IA articles can be found on the My IA Articles page.

Keep on wondering – I will be.

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