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Here are all the articles that Independent Australia (IA) has published on my behalf – 14 so far. They cover a range of topics and though there are common links between some of the articles, as can be seen by my first two articles under “My Media Debut” and the three under “Let’s Beat Up The Poor”, there is also a common theme – and that would be my distain for the divisive political narrative that the coalition government and mainstream media inject into the public discourse.

My Media Debut

The two articles below follow a theme and really need to be read in the order they were written in - the second article follows up on the antics of the villain exposed in the first article. These two articles are also my first foray into “citizen journalism” and, of course, my first articles on IA. The articles are from February and March 2015.

Scott Morrison: a kinder, gentler approach to welfare?
The new social services minister, Scott Morrison, has been warned that parents are scouring Centrelink’s brochures to get their school-leaving kids onto welfare. John Maycock investigates then why the minister is spending money researching the efficiency of these brochures.

Scott Morrison's message to Australians: Stop whining and take your medicine
Scott Morrison is one of the most rancorous and divisive politicians in our history, yet is now decrying the standard of Australian political debate — so what's going on? John Maycock says it all about shutting down dissenters.

Sabotaging Democracy

Want to know what the powerful really think of democracy – read this fifth article from November 2015.

Astroturfing the Senate: Another attack on democracy by the 'haves'
The recent Senate astroturfing scandal by the 'Family Office Institute Australia' is another example of the elites in our society being willing to manipulate democracy to advantage their own selfish concerns, writes John Maycock.

Let's Exploit The Infirm

This ninth article, taking another look at the maltreatment of the vulnerable, further expands on the hypocrisy in this government’s position on welfare and explains why Christian Porter was wielding the “loophole batten” against those 70,000 people discussed in the article previous to this – see to the right. Though this article is from May 2016, it was re-published in December as IA’s sixth top story for 2016 (something that pleased me immensely)

The cruel pension eligibility tricks facing Australia's disabled
According to the Turnbull Government, if you are "able to get out of bed in the morning ... you are not impaired enough to warrant being paid the Disability Support Pension", says John Maycock.

Dabbling In Political Prediction

Leading up to the 2016 Federal Elections I did a bit of an analysis of previous election results for this tenth article. My findings suggested that QLD voters had brought down the previous Labor Federal government, as well as being the cause of the hung parliament in 2010, moving me to predict the possibility that a swing back to Labor in QLD could see Labor returned to government – sadly, though close, it was not to be. June 2016.

Queensland: Pendulum swinging back to Labor for #election2016?
Queensland's backlash against the Rudd/Gillard Government delivered Abbott in 2013. John Maycock writes it's time to abandon the LNP whose attacks on health care, pensioners, retirees and low income earners are turning the tide of anti-Labor sentiment.

Just For Fun

My twelfth article is a political/social statement dressed up as humour – though I do not think Hanson supporters would see it that way. I believe this article deserved more circulation than it got (as did the petition) – but then, as I suggest in the article, perhaps PC has killed Aussie humour. July 2016.

Want Pauline Hanson to eat a HSP with Sam Dastyari? Sign the petition!
There's a pearler of a petition going around about Pauline Hanson, says John Maycock and we True Blue Aussies should be jumping on board to sign it!

Most Recent

This is my fourteenth and most recently published article (hopefully this will change soon). Here I dabble in the discussion going on around monetary theories on what to do about increasing the spending power of the poorest in society and stimulating the economy. May 2017.

'Downward envy': A job guarantee versus universal basic income
The "social foundation" for modern monetary theory, a job guarantee, is divisive and elitist when compared to universal basic income, writes John Maycock.

White Australia

This third article is a poem I wrote some years ago that, at the time, I expressed a desire to see circulated in the public domain – thanks to IA I achieved that aim in March 2015.

White Australia: Blood on the wattle
In light of recent events, the threatened closure of Indigenous communities and the police attack on the “camp” on Heirisson Island, and especially Tony Abbott’s latest colonial outburst, it may be timely to share this poem I wrote for a university assignment where I was asked to read and absorb an article on the Kilcoy massacre and comment on the thoughts it brought to mind.

Reclaiming What

This article, my fourth, deals with social division and re-asks a question posed in my second article. April 2015.

Will Abbott clamp down on Reclaim Australia's racial hate rallies?
Reclaim Australia, an extreme right-wing group inciting religious and racial hatred is planning rallies across Australia this Saturday, 4 Aprll. John Maycock asks whether Prime Minister Abbott will be true to his word and shut them down.

Let’s “Beat Up” The Poor

Here are three articles, six through to eight in my timeline, that deal with the mis-information and lies, the vexatious labelling and vilification, that some in government are willing to spread – in order to keep your eyes off the real issues behind the problems that they claim to be resolving. These articles also need to be read in the order they were written in. April and May 2016.

Stop the hectoring tirades Senator Cash and fix the jobless problem
The public are getting awfully tired of the hectoring tirades and dodgy facts from Senator Michaelia Cash. Her latest brainsnap is to starve 800,000 job seekers rather than feed one imposter, writes John Maycock.

Is ostracising the unemployed part of your #ideasboom, Senator Cash?
After receiving an revealing comment from an IA reader to his recent article 'Stop the hectoring tirades, Senator Cash, and fix the jobless problem', John Maycock follows up on his investigation into the plight of the jobless.

Michaelia Cash passes the 'loophole baton' to Christian Porter to continue the attack on the jobless
John Maycock follows up on his investigation into the plight of the jobless with Christian Porter taking the 'loophole baton' from Michaelia Cash to continue the attack on the unemployed

Batting For Women’s Liberation??

This eleventh article reveals another side of Michaelia Cash and her fellow travellers from the conservative side of politics – not just a poor attempt at Feminist outrage but also an exercise in gross hypocrisy and verbal gymnastics. June 2016.

Nash, Cash and the Coalition's idea of "misogyny"
John Maycock discusses recent cries of "misogyny" by Senators Nash and Cash in response to Bill Shorten's comments about childcare.

More Social Division

My thirteenth article is another look at social division, this time the narrative around political correctness and 18C and the myth that we were forced to become Multicultural. November 2016.

18C: Why bigotry and rudeness break the social contract
Why do the so-called "PopCons" (populist conservatives) constantly denounce this thing they call "political correctness"? John Maycock argues it’s because they want the right to be rude as well as bigoted.

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