Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

THAT LINE above is the sample post that comes with the initial WordPress setup – the line speaks for itself. However I have decided to keep the post here – edit rather than delete – for two reasons.

Firstly, so that there are at least a couple of posts here to “fill out” the content – can’t have the site looking too bare.

Secondly, I found myself amused by the title of the sample post – “Hello world”.

You see I explored computer programing years ago – I started on a Commodore Vic20, and then onto a Commodore 64 for a short time when it superseded the Vic20. I taught myself not just the basic programing language, but also what was called “machine code” – sort of speaks for itself. In the end I wrote routines in binary numbers, directly accessing and manipulating the core operating system (Kernel).

Shortly after the C64 was superseded by the Amiga (which I didn’t get my hands on) my circumstances changed and I didn’t go near computer, or programing, in any real sense again until windowsXP had been released. More than ten years later – since then I have written a number of short programs in quite a few different computer languages – just for fun.

In the end most programing languages are all similar – learn one and the rest come easy, which brings me to why I retained this post.

Just about every computer language that I have dabbled in, right from the first Commodore, has invited me to explore programing further by providing a sample/simple program that outputs a message to the screen – hello world – for the “learner” to play with and edit.

So it seems to me that that message is a sort of convention, indeed I would expect it speaks more to a programmer than it does a “surfer”. And although in this case what I have here is a web site for the reading pleasure of the visitor – I think it apt to say – “Hello World”.

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